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Keeping Health and Promoting Growth
Bacteriostasis Growth Promoter
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Company Profile

  Henan Tianyi Biological Technology Co., Ltd. and the Microbiological Institute of Technology, Biological fertilizer research center, Biological research centres of feed Set up 10 years ago, is the China's first to "Microbiology Microbial Bacteria" as the core technology for biological engineering series Product development and scientific research units. Decades, scientific research in all Technology of the enthusiastic support of friends, the gradual completion of the enterprises from technology transfer, localization of products to upgrade and a series of major issues, and completed products from a single species of microbes feed, microbial feed additive, to compound Microbiology Flora of bio-organic fertilizer, foliage fertilizer and livestock breeding, cultivation, and many other specialty areas. Enterprises and research institutions in the technical realization of the joint venture by Japanese technology to the Chinese side fully independent technology. Administered Institute of Under the corporation governs the microorganism Technical research institute, the Microbiology ecological laboratory bacteria, the microorganism fertilizer laboratory, the microorganism feed laboratory, the farming and animal husbandry demonstration base and so on many to have the separate legal entity qualifications organization and the entity.

  Henan Tianyi Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Biotechnology Limited fermentation materials alfalfa planting 1,500 acres of base, production base area of 80 acres, the standard factory building area of 5,000 square meters, professional and technical personnel accounting for 40 percent of the number of workers, production of Microbiology ecological products, the annual production capacity Up to 800 tons. The company has its own laboratories, modern factories and the international advanced technology production lines. And has a large number of outstanding research in microbiology professional technical and management personnel. Relying on Henan Agricultural University and Zhengzhou University in Henan Province of China Engineering Institute and other research centres in many well-known (by) School of technical support, post-doctoral workstations and enterprise biological engineering sub-station and all-round cooperation-oriented ecological agriculture (aquaculture, animal husbandry and cultivation ) And environmental protection, eco-based high-tech farming, cultivation and promotion of technology applications; to the technical and professional services, is committed to the modernization of China's agriculture.


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